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Aven Colony-CODEX

CODEX has released the game “Aven Colony” for Windows . Enjoy

Build a new home for humanity in Aven Colony. Discover Aven Prime – an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and wetlands light years from earth. Build your colonies into massive, sprawling cities whilst dealing with the challenges faced when settling on a new world.


  • COLONIZE AN ALIEN WORLD: Build a new home for humanity on a world with a low-oxygen atmosphere, extreme electrical storms, shard storms, dust devils, deadly toxic gas eruptions from geothermal vents, and days so long they have their own seasons. Explore a variety of biomes, from the lush wetlands environment to the much less habitable desert and arctic.
  • MEET THE LOCALS: Encounter a variety of alien life forms, including giant sandworms, deadly plague spores, and a vicious fungal infection known as “The Creep.”
  • SUPERVISE YOUR COLONISTS: Settling a new world can be stressful. As a new Colony Governor, you’ll need to work overtime to help your colonists deal with their new environment. Using the 12 distinct “overlay” modes, you can mange your colony’s Crops, Citizens, Happiness, Crime, Air, Electricity, Employment, Resources, Commute, Structures, Drones, and Water. Earn the respect of your colonists, and rise in rank from Colony Governor to Expedition President!
  • DISCOVER THE PAST: The world of Aven Prime holds many secrets. Play through a full single-player campaign and participate in a story that reveals some of the many secrets of this brave new world.
  • BUILD THE FUTURE: Use construction drones to build dozens of types of structures to house your colonists, establish trading routes, welcome immigrants and much more! Enhance your existing buildings through several upgrade tiers to push your colony to new heights!
  • EXPEDITION SYSTEM: Deploy your crack team of pioneers to explore alien ruins, recover artifacts, repair crashed vessels and rescue lost explorers. Get ready to take on plague and creep spore nests whilst fending off splinter groups, rebels and Aven Prime’s remaining robot guardians which threaten your new civilisation.
  • PREPARE FOR WINTER: A fully functional day/night and seasonal cycle. During the winter Aven Prime freezes over – farms will not grow food and solar panels will generate far less electricity. Take measures to survive this harsh climate!

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Mothership Entertainment LLC
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

Release name: Aven.Colony-CODEX
Size 8.75GB
Links: SteamNFONTi



CODEX has released the game “Pyre” for Windows . Enjoy

Pyre is a party-based RPG from the creators of Bastion and Transistor. Lead your band of exiles to freedom through a series of mystical competitions in the Campaign, or challenge a friend to a fast-paced ritual showdown in the head-to-head Versus Mode.

A New World From the Creators of Bastion and Transistor
Experience the biggest and most imaginative world yet from Supergiant! Get to know an ensemble cast of characters struggling to earn back their freedom as you make your way across the forsaken land called the Downside.

  • Action-Packed Three-on-Three Battle System
    Battle against a colorful cast of adversaries in pitched, high-stakes confrontations where each victory (or defeat!) brings your exiles closer to enlightenment. Choose three from your party for each Rite, and outfit them with mystic Talismans and powerful Masteries.
  • A Branching Story with No Game-Over
    In Pyre, you will never be forced to lose progress. Whether you prevail or you fail, your journey continues. The interactive narrative is expressed through a story that no two players will experience in quite the same way.
  • Challenge a Friend in Versus Mode
    On top of the single-player campaign, Pyre features a local two-player Versus Mode, where you can play against a friend (or CPU opponent) in one of the game’s fast-paced ritual showdowns. Form your triumvirate from more than 20 unique characters.
  • Rich, Atmospheric Presentation
    Pyre once again showcases the award-winning talents of the team that created Bastion and Transistor. From the vibrant hand-painted artwork to the evocative musical score, every aspect of Pyre’s presentation draws you into its fantasy world.
  • Accessible, Customizable Controls and 4K Ultra HD Graphics!
    Play with gamepad or mouse-and-keyboard using fully customizable controls custom-tailored to PC. The game offers a highly scalable challenge both in the campaign and Versus Mode. Experience it all in stunning 4K resolution (compatible display required)!


Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Supergiant Games
Publisher: Supergiant Games

Release name: Pyre-CODEX
Size 5.79GB
Links: SteamNFONTi


Pressure Overdrive-CODEX

CODEX has released the game “Pressure Overdrive” for Windows . Enjoy

Ready for Overdrive? Upgrade your steambuggy and pump up the Pressure, while you boost’n’blast your way through vibrant settings and countless enemies. Enhanced arcade action awaits in this new version!


  • Improved controls
  • New weapons
  • Single player and local coop
  • Campaign and freeplay mode
  • New endless mode
  • New bossfights
  • 3 worlds with 30+ Levels
  • Dozens of enemy types & 3 bossfights
  • Upgrade your buggy with 35+ items
  • Online highscores
  • 10 languages supported
  • Steamfunky soundtrack included!
  • Genre: Action, Indie
    Developer: Chasing Carrots
    Publisher: Chasing Carrots

    Release name: Pressure.Overdrive-CODEX
    Size 645MB
    Links: SteamNFONTi


    How To Use Your God Power by Richard Lee McKim Jr.-P2P

    What is Your “God Power?”
    Your God Power, is: “The ability to Change Reality.” Our Realities are changeable, and are in fact, changing all the time. Miracles are examples of a drastic and unexpected, beneficial change in Reality. The Placebo Effect, is a change in Reality, where a sugar pill with no medicinal qualities at all, is able to cure a terminally ill patient. In the “Normal Reality,” the pill has no beneficial effect. It is just sugar. However, when a patient believes that the sugar pill is a special medicine, a Miracle cure, it “Becomes” a miracle cure. The Patient used his “God Power,” to change his own Reality. We were made in the “Likeness of God.” That “Likeness,” is our ability to Change Our Own Realities.

    How To Use Your God Power To Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Live The Life of Your Dreams: The Master’s Course by Richard Lee McKim Jr.-P2P
    English | 244  pages | ePUB | 14.0  MB
    Download : Sendit.CloudUploads.To  – NTi

    Modern Pioneer – August-September 2017-P2P

    Many modern humans would like to retrace the history to this past, to explore what it was like and to enhance their life through this simpler way of living. MODERN PIONEER is the magazine that brings this together.

    Modern Pioneer – August-September 2017-P2P
    English | 132 pages | True PDF | 30 MB

    Natural Herbal Remedies by Patricia Gardner-P2P

    This natural health remedies book was created and published to be your quick and handy go-to guide for when you need it. No fluff here, and you don’t need to be an expert herbalist to make and use these body recipes, just a little common sense is all that is required. Covering a wide range of essential and trusted herb, root and flower remedies that heal and soothe the body. It is not uncommon for many common health ailments to be quite well treated or even cured with daily/weekly persistence and effort.

    Natural Herbal Remedies : Old World Cures, Receipes and Treatments For Health and Wellness by Patricia Gardner -P2P
    English | 62  pages | ePUB | 1.6  MB
    Download : Sendit.CloudUploads.To  – NTi

    My Epicurean Memories by J. Matthew Gaglione-P2P

    When he was just ten, J. Matthew Gaglione prepared his first Sunday dinner for his Italian American family: pasta with homemade meatballs, steamed broccoli, and salad. And so began a culinary adventure that would last a lifetime and prompt forty-plus years of collecting over six thousand recipes and stories from a multitude of sources, styles, and cuisines.
    In a unique collection, Gaglione presents recipes in the order they were gathered from magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, family, and friends along with a host of memorable culinary experiences that represent his lifelong epicurean journey. Gaglione begins by offering instructions on how to properly set a table and then shares a recipe for dandelion salad accompanied by an early recollection of picking greens in his grandmother’s Brooklyn garden. As he progresses through each recipe and memory, Gaglione provides directions to create delicious dishes like vegetable stew, tapenade, curried chicken salad, fish fillets en papier, Irish soda bread, and German honey spiced cookies.

    My Epicurean Memories: A Lifelong Culinary Adventure by J. Matthew Gaglione-P2P
    English | 194  pages | ePUB | 7.0  MB
    Download : Sendit.CloudUploads.To  – NTi


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